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Who we are

Founder and manager (ret.) of the Open Source Intelligence branch of the Dutch Defence Intelligence & Security Service since 1991, Internet since 1990, guest lecturer universities of Texas, Leiden, OSINT researcher,  writer, speaker, consultant, OSINT trainer and mentor…

What we do

Reuser’s Information Services is concerned with delivering top class OSINT training programmes, in-hous as well as open, on a variety of levels and capabilities.


OSINT Training

Looking for a proven, effective, applicable OSINT research methodology that will result in actionable intelligence? Try one of our training programmes or workshops.

All training programmes are organised by Triangular Group Academy.


  OSINT News

Our blog with OSINT research tips and techniques, general OSINT related news, and much more. In categories with subscription offers.



Our videos

Our video page will give you an opportunity to have a look at Arno in action. Interviews, presentations, briefings and more.

Our products

Have a look at our video’s, papers we have published, the Repertorium and the latest: the OSINT Bibliography.


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