Open Source Intelligence

  In 1990, Arno Reuser founded and managed the OSINT department of the Dutch Defence Intelligence & Security Service in a time where hardly anybody knew what the Internet was, and OSINT only in use in very few countries. Today, Arno shares his wealth of experience with all concerned via:

Training programmes

Good intelligence is the key to decision making. Reuser's Information Services offers full OSINT training programmes lasting three days for intermediate to advanced OSINT professionals.


Reuser's Information Services offers on-the-job advice, consultancy and solutions to solve information problems for small and middle companies, international missions, departments and the like. Or may be you need advice on how to organise your OSINT department?


RIS workshops are quick one hour or half a day sessions for a small group on specific topics, typically intended to go into details, share lessons learned or have a refresher. RIS offers a variety of workshops on many OSINT related topics. Workshops by RIS are typically tailor made to meet the requirements of the customer.


Aimed at a larger audience who'd like to have a brief on a certain topic from the field of Open Source Intelligence, cyber security or privacy


Intended for larger audiences at conferences on more general topics from the field of Open Source Intelligence, cyber security or privacy.

OSINT training programmes for 2020/2021

Want to learn how to quickly solve information problems? How to do research in open sources on a systematic, planned and structured way? The OSINT Pathfinder training programme range is the way to go!

More information We are delighted to introduce our new partner Triangular Group Academy! All training programmes, workshops, in-house training and online workshops are now organised by Triangular Group Academy. The training programmes themselves are and will be, designed, developed and conducted by Reuser's Information Services.

Schedule 2020

OSINT Pathfinder XXVI 22-24 September 2020 SOLD OUT
OSINT Pathfinder XXVII 8-10 December 2020
OSINT Pathfinder XXIX 6-8 October 2020

Schedule 2021

OSINT Pathfinder XXX 12-14 January 2021
OSINT Pathfinder  XXXI 16-18 February 2021
OSINT Pathfinder XXXII 16-18 March 2021
OSINT Pathfinder XXXIII 20-22 April 2021
OSINT Pathfinder XXXIV 18-20 May 2021
OSINT Pathfinder XXXV 15-17 June 2021
OSINT Pathfinder XXXVI 13-15 July 2021
OSINT Pathfinder XXXVII 24-26 August 2021


The venue for all OSINT Pathfinder training programmes will be the hotel Novotel The Hague City Center, The Hague, The Netherlands. Each programme is three full days, tuesday to thursday. Please note, the maximum number of delegates per Pathfinder is limited to 14 to allow optimum interactivity and productivity.


Reuser's proven methodology reduces millions of irrelevant search results, empowering researchers to make informed decisions faster and more efficiently based on reliable, validated and representative results.


Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a revolutionary and proven approach to information designed, developed and practiced for many years by Reuser's Information Services. It is a holistic approach to problem solving, enabling researchers to use an empowering methodology that exploits and combines the best capabilities of human intelligence with the machine intelligence of search engines.

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) method enables required information to be delivered as highly relevant research results that can be quickly validated and transformed into high quality intelligence. Therefore, answers are appropriate to the problem and decision making is improved.

The same type of methodology and approach has been applied for our range of Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) training and consultancy services.

OSINT Training Programmes

Reuser’s OSINT training courses are designed for students who have different levels of experience and ability. The courses cover beginners to intermediates to advanced to expert level.

To ensure students register for the most appropriate course relative to their ability, an agenda for each level of course is sent to interested parties prior to any student being able to book or join a course.

This process enhances the learning and teaching process, and allows students with similar abilities to comfortably work at the same level during the training. Whilst all RIS courses are fun and high energy, they are also demanding and detailed.

Consultancy Services

As well as offering training services, RIS can assist in consultancy projects, such as Market Studies, setting up Bureaux and Knowledge/Information Centres.

RIS can also offer keynote speakers, master classes and expert panel members for events.


In recognition for his contribution to the Intelligence Community, Arno was awarded the Golden Candle Award,, Washington 2003, the Lifetime Award in 2004 and was nominated for Information Professional of the Year in 2010.

He is approved to train EU, NATO and UN organisations.

RobS review

"Arno is an intelligent and highly respected expert in the field of Open Source Intelligence. Arno excels in developing compelling OSINT insights for governments and public organisations and then applying these insights in a way that positively impacts investigation techniques. He is very smart, strategically minded and able to balance supply and demand. Arno's OSINT courses are national and international highly regarded and are characterized by their integrity, knowledge and insight. I highly recommend the reader to have a look at "

Rob Sentse, 2016

PODCAST – The Power of Open Source Intelligence

The volume of data is exploding. Every day organisations and individuals are creating, sharing and, accessing data. Globally, more and more people are being connected via smartphones and social networks. More and more information is also openly available. In this Big Data world how can you find the information you need?

Google only indexes 20% of the web. And the problem is not going away, by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices globally and 44 trillion gigabytes of data. Machine learning on its own can’t solve this problem, you need to empower human intelligence. This has led to an increasing interest in both the discipline and the art of open source intelligence collection.

Machine learning is only part of the solution, you need to empower human intelligence

Listen to former US intelligence analyst and espionage historian Dr Mark Stout in discussion with one of the world's leading practitioners of the art of open source intelligence: Arno Reuser of the Dutch military intelligence service.

Arno Reuser was responsible for migrating the Dutch military intelligence library from an archival to a discovery capability that involved the value-added programming of incoming streams of raw data, and the creation of a virtual organisation that used collaborative techology to optimise open source expertise. This innovative methodology inspired and transformed thinking among the EU, NATO and UN intelligence agencies.