Training programmes overview


Reuser's Information Services offers full OSINT training programmes, short workshops, lectures, and presentations.

  1. Full training programmes are offered in a variety of formats each for a different audience and different purposes.
  2. Workshops are aimed at concentrating on a single topic from the OSINT Intelligence Cycle, such as anonymous searching, or safe e-mail, or Boolean searching, etc.
  3. Lectures are aimed at a larger audience who'd like to have a brief on a certain topic.
  4. Presentations are intended for large conferences.

Training programmes

Full training programmes

OSINT Pathfinder

The OSINT Pathfinder is the starting training programme that will teach students Reuser's OSINT Methodology of systematic, planned and structured research in open sources. The Pathfinder is the foundation of the other training programmes and teaches students all the steps to find the best possible information on a certain topic in a consistent and safe manner. 


The OSINT Scout training programme is intended as a follow-up programme after a OSINT Pathfinder. The OSINT Scout typically has former OSINT Pathfinder students who'd like to have a refresher on certain complex parts of the OSINT Pathfinder, or, like to dive deeper in important steps and issues.

OSINT Explorer

OSINT Master

The OSINT Master is the exam programme following the OSINT Pathfinder. In the Master training, students will show their OSINT skills by in a group solving a complex scenario exercises following the Reuser OSINT Methodology discussed in the OSINT Pathfinder.


OSINT Workshops


Lectures, presentations




All planning and registration is handled by our new partner Triangular Group Academy. They will take care of your registration, inform you on how to prepare and how to get to the venue, take care of planning and invoicing.

TGA will also help you if you require in-house training programmes, workshops, lectures or presentations.

Arno will concentrate on training programme development and teaching.

Do not hesitate to contact Marlin van Hal ( if you have any questions.


Please use the below registration form to register for a OSINT Pathfinder training programme. Do not book flights and/or hotels yet, but rather wait until you get a confirmation that your seat is booked for you.