Terms and Conditions

RIS Terms and Conditions

RIS terms and conditions are for guideline purposes. It may be necessary to give preference to conditions in a client’s official Purchase order. RIS will negotiate these terms with the client.

Last amended 17th August 2015.


RIS : Reuser's Information Services
Customers :

Refers to all clients, students, and others who require services from RIS

Clients : Ministries, institutional customers, organisations, NGO's, governments, corporations
Students : a participant or delegate to a training programme, workshop, presentation or consultancy session.


RIS services & courses

RIS services include, training courses, consultancy and, presentations.

RIS delivers training courses as:

  1. IN-HOUSE training – which means that RIS will prepare the course content, duration and fees to match the client’s request to train the client’s staff/customers ;
  2. OPEN INVITATION courses – which means that RIS will organise a training course at a venue and invite students to attend. The FEES, course dates, content, duration and Agenda will be published on the RIS website.

Consultancy and presentations will be agreed and negotiated on an ad-hoc basis.

Provisional bookings

For in-house courses, RIS recommends that clients book a date to ensure the availability of RIS trainers. There is no charge for this provisional booking.

RIS requests that clients cancel any unwanted dates for in-house training as early as possible. These dates will be offered to other clients.

If a client books a provisional place on an OPEN INVITATION course, the booking will be acknowledged by e-mail. RIS requests that clients respond to confirm the booking within 2 weeks via e-mail. If the booking is not confirmed, RIS has the right to cancel the booking.


RIS will agree negotiated payment terms with clients for in-house training courses before the start of any course.

For in-house training courses, RIS will request advance payment of 25% deposit.

For in-house courses involving travel & accommodation to be booked, RIS will advise clients when travel and accommodation are confirmed for RIS consultants. A negotiated payment should be made for the travel and accommodation costs.

For RIS OPEN INVITATION courses, an invoice will be delivered to the client and payment should be made prior to the start of the course. Fees will be shown on the Registration Form.

Charges for Consultancy or presentations will be agreed on an ad-hoc basis.

Once a payment has been made, be it a deposit or full payment, payment method; the client is expected to adhere to RIS terms and conditions.

RIS understands that Governmental Institutions and International Organisations have specific payment terms & Conditions. RIS is willing to negotiate in such circumstances.

If a purchase order is provided by a client for any type of training, there is no need for any other confirmation. The purchase order constitutes as a legal offer to buy products or services. The Purchase Order is deemed as a confirmation of an order and is bound by the cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy

If a client cancels a dedicated in-house training programme where RIS has booked travel & accommodation, RIS will charge the costs to the client. Clients will have been advised of the costs of travel and hotels.

Additionally, if the cancellation is within 1 month of the start date for the training course, RIS will charge a FEE of 25% of the programme costs to cover the preparation work of the course Agenda and the days of preparation of the specific training website, lessons, modules, updating material and creation of the exercises.

Notification of all cancellations must be made via e-mail to info@reuser.biz, or via post to the Business Development Manager.


Re-scheduling courses

For OPEN INVITATION courses, RIS will aim to keep to the dates scheduled for the training. There may be circumstances where RIS finds it necessary to change because of lack of response to a course, illness or unforeseen events, such as travel disruption, strikes, acts of war, terrorism, or bad weather. RIS will advise clients as soon as any change is made to avoid disruption to plans for travel and hotel bookings.

Changes to courses

RIS will advise students about changes to course agenda or dates to let students decide about participation in the course. If the date or course agenda are unsuitable, RIS will offer a suitable replacement date or a voucher for participation on the next course.

Course suitability

The client accepts that it is their responsibility that the course booked is suitable for the requirements and abilities of the student attending.

RIS may recommend courses or learning solutions to help the student to get the required suitability level.

The assessment and the final decision concerning suitability of the course is the Customer's responsibility. In cases where RIS has made recommendations about course content relevant for a student, it is done in good faith and will not be wilfully misleading.

Public and onsite training courses are delivered in English and all students must be sufficiently proficient in the English language before attending the course. RIS can also deliver courses using Dutch if requested.

Students are expected to have a minimum proficiency level in handling laptops, knowing how to use the most common operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows 7 and newer) and in handing basic office software such as word processors, Internet browsers, PDF readers, and editors.


RIS reserves the right to refuse admission to any person whom it considers in its absolute discretion to be unsuitable for whatsoever reason.


In-house training, client specified site

RIS will offer advice on the technical specifications of any system or service required to perform the course satisfactorily. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide all facilities, equipment and set up required for trainer to deliver the training.

RIS reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the course if, in the trainer's opinion, the venue, equipment or conditions are unsuitable. Any costs incurred by RIS, such as travel and hotel accommodation, will be charged to the client.

Force Majeure

RIS shall not be in breach of this contract if the provision of services are delayed or cancelled or reduced through any circumstances beyond its reasonable control including illness, strikes, industrial action, acts of war, terrorism, crime, bad weather or political changes.

Intellectual property

The website and all the products and services of RIS without limitation are protected by international copyrights, trademarks and subject to intellectual property rights.

Therefore all intellectual property belongs to RIS its related companies or affiliates. You may not copy, sell, reproduce, distribute, download, modify, display or prepare derivative works based on, repost, transmit or otherwise use any of the intellectual property of this site. The information on this site is provided “as is” and without any warranties.

Clients may use the material provided for personal use only, during and after the training.

Complaints procedure

Written complaints may be sent to the Director RIS or via e-mail at info@reuser.biz

Verbal complaints may be made by phone to RIS staff at numbers shown on the website contact page or in person to any of RIS staff, at addresses on the website contact page or at any of our events or activities.

Complaints received by telephone or in person will be recorded and noted for action.

A response to the complaint will be sent within 1 week as an acknowledgement by RIS staff.

RIS will aim to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible. No timeframe can be specified as each case will be judged on its own merit.

Once an investigation by RIS has been fully completed, a progress report will be sent by RIS to the client. RIS will aim to reply within 1-month of completion of the report.

Whether the complaint is upheld or not, a reply will be sent to the complainant to describe the conclusions from the investigation, and any action taken as a result of the complaint.

If the complainant feels that the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved the client may appoint an independent assessor to review the case and consider any further action. Any costs for this assessor are the responsibility of the client and not RIS.

The decision taken at this stage will be final. European Law will apply.


Warranty & Liability

Liability for loss and damage shall be limited to a claim for damages. The maximum liability will be the charges for the course out of which the loss or damage has arisen.

RIS will not accept liability for death or personal injury.

RIS will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential loss (including loss of anticipated profit or data), howsoever arising, even if it has been advised of such potential loss.

RIS will not be responsible for any damage resulting from any computer viruses, Trojans, DDOS attacks or Cybercrime arising from software installed on customer computer systems or add on equipment such as flash drives, mobile devices, etc..

The use of information and capabilities learned during training programmes, workshops, consultancy and presentations is the risk and responsibility of the student.

RIS is not responsible for any damage (such as damage resulting from using RIS equipment on the local network, cybercrime, virusses, third party networks, or damage to client's property and/or equipment) resulting from in-house training by RIS or activities by RIS' teachers.