training programme
OSINT Explorer

The single day OSINT Pioneer training programme will teach delegages the best and most efficient time saving techniques to find answers to questions for decision support  

Who should attend?

The programme is particularly suited for :

  1. Researchers, investigative journalists, analysts, investigators, detectives, and the like
  2. Government, defence and general intelligence, security services, law enforcement, customs, immigration, and the like
  3. Cyber security, NGO's, international mission staff, private sector researchers, insurance & finance

Why you should attend?

This training is ideal for more experienced online researchers to refresh their search skills in a single day packed with the latest tips, techniques and insights to search safely and get results quickly.

What are the benefits

    A single day of practical, applicable, hands-on training that can be applied immediately.


Days: one day.

Time: working hours are from 08:00 - 17:00 including lunch and breaks.


A RIS training programme is always concluded with a
personalised, hand signed certificate


What you will get

Included in the training programme is the following:
  1. Full day of OSINT training
  2. The RIS OSINT Manual with all the details, in print, with table of contents and sources
  3. Lunch and catering included
  4. A laptop on loan for the duration of the training programme (you can bring your own if you like)
  5. A hand-picked literature list for your background reading
  6. An online training website during and well after the training programme
  7. One month help-desk service by phone or e-mail to ask questions to the teacher after the training
  8. Hand-signed RIS Pathfinder Certificate
  9. Group photograph (if required)

Course content

  • Secure searching: how to protect your information profile and prevent theft and identity corruption
  • Constructing smart queries applicable in any search engines, social networks, commercial databases etc.
  • Search Strategy Building blocks. How to apply smart query building techniqus in a building blocks search strategy to get the best match. Search strategies are universal and apply to any search engine or commercial search systems.
  • Google for super searchers. Time saving search techniques to find anwers to questions.
  • Basic validation skills: starter validation rules to establish reliability of websites, emails and other open source data