OSINT Pathfinder XXIII registration

I am sorry to say that the OSINT Pathfinder XXIII training programme is now fully booked. If you register, I can do a couple of things:

  1.  Put you on the standby list for Pathfinder XXIII hoping that someone will cancel, or,
  2.  Send you a Priority Invitation for the next Pathfinders in 2020.

We plan 4 OSINT Pathfinders in 2020. Please let me know your preferences!


Registration form for OSINT Pathfinder XXII training programme.

Price : 1.150,- euro  excl. VAT / btw
 Organiser : Reuser’s Information Services
De Wetstraat 16
2332 XT Leiden
The Netherlands
Point of contact : Arno H.P. Reuser, a@reuser.biz, +31 6 3812 7715
Dates : 10-12 December 2019
Venue : Novotel The Hague City Center, The Hague, The Netherlands


2 thoughts on “OSINT Pathfinder XXIII registration”

  1. Hi!

    We just spoke on the phone. We understöd that the courses for 2019 are full. We sign up anyway and put our hope for an priority invitation. We would like to send the above (2) participants. As we understod, the course will be given in april 2020. That suits us perfectly!

    Sincerely, Pierre Gudmundson

    • Dear mr. Gudmundson,

      Thank you very much for registering! I did receive your forms in good order, no worries there. I shall book you for two seats at the first available OSINT Pathfinder programme and send you a Priority Invitation.

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