Happy New Year!

It has been a rough year for the most of us and I just know it has been rough and may be still is, for you. May I despite wish you a very happy New Year, hoping that things will turn for the better for you and your family!

For Reuser’s Information Services it has been a difficult year. Many international OSINT training programmes were cancelled or postponed, we even had to cancel some of our very popular OSINT Pathfinder training programmes due to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, there is also good news. We were invited to partner up with Triangular Group Academy (TGA) which we decided to do. TGA has a proven record of organising training programmes. Their high reputation and wide experience in intelligence means we have full confidence that the synergy between two expert companies will result in better service and better products for our national and international customers.

  1. This year alone, we offer eight full RIS OSINT Training Programmes in The Hague, The Netherlands like we always did. Learn Arno’s OSINT Methodology how to do proper research in open sources to find the best of the best on a systematic, planned and structured way. The first one, now scheduled for February 2021 is already fully booked. We also offer this highly popular training programme as an in-house programme for those who have more specific requirements.
  2. In addition, we also offer a range of 3-hour online OSINT workshops on a variety of OSINT subjects. Want to learn how to construct Smart Queries that will get exactly what you want and will work in any Internet search engine or online database? Choose the Smart Queries for Smart Searching workshop and you will be amazed how much there is to learn.

    Or may be you’d like to learn how to search the world wide web anonymously? When doing market intelligence research, or publishing on international crime, you probably need to be as anonymous as possible. This workshop will share techniques and procedures to do just that. Choose the Anonymous Searching workshop and you will learn techniques and tools you have not thought of yourself.
  3. Obviously we offer all our training programmes and workshops online. Please contact us for the possibilities.

We have many more workshops and training programme solutions for you and we cordially invite you to try one or two. Don’t wait too long please, the first range is scheduled for early February 2021.

If you have any questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Marlin van Hal at mvh@triangulargroup.com, or +31 6 2726 6286, or simply reply to this mail.

Hope to see you soon!

OSINT training programmes and workshops

Following the success of our Open Source Intelligence Pathfinder range of training programmes, we have now planned one full OSINT Pathfinder training programme almost each month in 2021.

The schedule looks as follows:

OSINT Pathfinder XXX 12-14 january 2020 Venue: Novotel The Hague city center
OSINT Pathfinder XXXI 16-18 February 2020 Venue: Novotel The Hague city center