The RIS OSINT Firefox browser, fully adapted for OSINT research

Also known as the RIS OSINT Research Machine, it is a fully adapted Mozilla Firefox browser with all the add-ons, bookmarks, extra toolbars etc pre-installed.

The software is so-called portable software, which means the software does not have to be configured nor installed on a hard disc. Just copy the browser to a flash drive and run it from there. Or, for every new dossier or research you start, simply create a new folder and copy a fresh browser into it.

The browser has all the tools you need for OSINT research. Functions to download and store webpages in PDF, functions to do one click IP checks, functions to check WHOIS data, functions to extract EXIF data and plot GEO-tag data, etc.

The idea is that during OSINT research you do wish to concentrate on the research, NOT on how to perform simple tasks.

The browser is part of the upcoming OSINT Pathfinder XIX training programme. Every participant gets one.

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