IAFIE Workshop
Open Source Intelligence
what is it? How to do it?

Wednesday 12 September 2018 13:00-17:00, Leicester University, Leicester U.K.

Good intelligence for critical decisions

Workshop invitation

Reuser’s Inform​ation Services has the pleasure of inviting you to our workshop at the IAFIE Europe Chapter conference in Leices­ter.

The workshop aims to teach delegates the best methodology of do­ing online research in open sources using proven search strategies such as building blocks and successive fractions, teaching you how to create smart queries to find exactly what you want using opera­tors you prob­ably never knew about.

When: Wednesday 12 September 2018

Where: Leicester University, Leicester, U.K.

Admission price

The price for the full workshop is 65 GBP is per person.

This is an all inclusive price, see What You Will Get further down for all the goodies.

(Prices are excl. VAT / btw if applicable)

Workshop layout

The workshop aims to be highly interactive with lots of exercises and discussions. The workshop will be practical and applicable. At the end of the workshop, you will have new tools and capabilities to help you do your open source research on another level, supported with lots of documentation, quick reference sheets, handouts etc.

Important is to realise that the WHY is more important than the HOW. The HOW is covered in documentation, the WHY is the main focus of the workshop.

The workshop will be intensive, high speed, quick learning paced.

What you will learn

The RIS OSINT workshop will discuss the following subjects in-depth:

  1. An in-depth theoretical explana­tion of what exactly open source intelligence is, what it consists of, and it's place in the overall intelligence production effort ;
  2. Follo­wing the lo­gical path of the OSINT Research Circle explains the global open information landscape to show how limi­ted Google actually is and that OSINT included many more such as NNTP, FTP, IRC, etc., libraries, commercial in­formation providers etc. ;
  3. Explains how to design and set up smart queries using Boolean logic to find exactly what you want using in-depth Google search techniques ;
  4. Demonstrates how to use Building Block and Successive Fractions search strategies to bring down millions of low relevance hits to just a few hundred with high relevance ;
  5. Touches on the fundamentals of requirement analysis and problem deconstruction; shows how integrated OSINT research can be used as an intelligence analysis tool using chemical proliferation as an example.


What you will get

All RIS training programmes and workshops are well documented in a variety of support materials and services. The idea of the programme is to understand, not to learn tricks. The tricks are all documented in quick reference sheets and a handbook.


What you get is :

  1. Four hours full workshop ;
  2. The RIS OSINT Research Machine, a fully adapted Firefox browser with all the tools, add-ons, extra searchbars and pre-formatted bookmarks ;
  3. The handouts of the workshop in PDF ;
  4. Quick Reference Sheets with the full command languages of the major international search engines, including the 'secret' operators ;
  5. A hand-picked literature list for your background reading ;
  6. There will be an online training website for participants during and after the training programme ;
  7. One year access to the RIS Helpdesk by phone or e-mail for participants to ask questions to the teacher after the training ;


Who should attend?

The programme is particularly suited for intelligence students, practitioners and academics, and all those involved in analytic intelligence, defence intelligence, law enforcement, security, police, corporate intelligence.

The venue

The venue for the workshop will be the University of Leicester in Leicester, U.K. Exact location, room etc. will be announced shortly.


To get the most out of the workshop, please take a laptop with you. Make sure you know how to connect your laptop to the locally provided Wi-Fi.

Any operating system will do, but the workshop assumes MS Windows operating systems.

After registration, you will get the logon ID and password for the RIS OSINT Research machine, the fully adapted Firefox browser with all required OSINT research tools. It is portable software so no installation required. You can run the browser from your desktop, flash drive or whatever you prefer.