OSINT Pathfinder XV training programme now fully booked

Teaching the best methods and techniques to research open sources planned, systematic and structured to produce actionable intelligence.

OSINT Pathfinder XV training programme

The OSINT Pathfinder XV training programme in February 7-9 in The Hague, The Netherlands is now fully booked. We work with small groups only, maximum 15 delegates, to get the most out of the training.

New registrations will go on the standby list with free invitation and first choice for the OSINT Pathfinder training programme in June 2017.

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New Mozilla Firefox profile

I have compiled a new Mozilla Firefox profile for your portable or installed version of that browser. The profile is for version 44 of Firefox and is available in


The new profile has updated add-ons like new Scrapbook and Scrapbook Autosave, screengrab (next to PDFit!).

Also, there is in the bookmarks a direct link to my Search Engines quick reference sheets: Google, Bing, Exalead, Yandex, Twitter and more. The sheets basically go with the OSINT training programmes I deliver, so they may be a little confusing to use. Feel free to mail me questions though.



To structure research or to present research results in a single page graphic visualisation, a mindmap comes in handy. It will prevent you from falling in the trap of always using a written report or a Powerpoint presentation.

Mindmapping software like XMind does the job. It is fairly easy to learn, quick to master and will present research results, conclusions, relationships etc. in a graphical display which makes it much easier to understand for the customer.

In my experience, mindmapping is an excellent solution to present research results to customers in a time constraint, customers who need a single page answer that is quick to understand and apply.

XMind is freeware, but the free version already has about all the options you need and the paid version is not particularly expensive either.

Visited 1.11.1-signed

A handy tool that will finally mark visited links in Firefox in another colour which will prevent you from accidentally clicking on the same link again, and, will structure your research a little bit more.

You can choose any colour you like for the visited links, I chose green, and visited links will be marked with that colour.

Sometimes this is not very helpful, especially when you are reading a manual or a book or something. A short-cut ALT-V will therefore turn this visited feature on or off. Very useful.

Add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Created by 7-elephant, Thailand, last updated: 13 Sep 2015

Search engine Blekko

13th May 2015

Blekko used to be a very promising search engine that aimed at adding more quality to search results by allowing searchers to use so called slashtags to their search. With the slashtags, search results could be limited to lets say a conservative viewpoint, or a liberal viewpoint, or whatever slashtag one like to use.

In addition, Blekko was able to return RSS feeds that could be loaded on to the Bookmarks toolbar as a very simple personal monitoring system.

The mobile sister of Blekko was IZIK search which too, had quite a different approach to search.

Both Blekko and IZIK are now postponed and owned by IBM Watson Group