New Mozilla Firefox profile

I have compiled a new Mozilla Firefox profile for your portable or installed version of that browser. The profile is for version 44 of Firefox and is available in

The new profile has updated add-ons like new Scrapbook and Scrapbook Autosave, screengrab (next to PDFit!).

Also, there is in the bookmarks a direct link to my Search Engines quick reference sheets: Google, Bing, Exalead, Yandex, Twitter and more. The sheets basically go with the OSINT training programmes I deliver, so they may be a little confusing to use. Feel free to mail me questions though.


The Deep Web

Sometimes called ‘Dark Web’, ‘Hidden Web’ or ‘Invisible Web’. There is nothing much ”Dark” on the deep web nor is it hidden or invisible. The Deep Web is simply that part of the world wide web that is not indexed by search engines.

There are at the moment a variety of deep web places where you can search anonymousy and even browse deep websites.

  1. Tor. The ONION router. Uses the .onion pseudo top-level domain name to identify deep websites. The Tor browser bundle is for free and easy to install.
  2. I2P. The Invisible Internet Project.
  3. Free Web.

Please note, much of the content of the deep websites are used by serious crime.






Foundations of Open Source Intelligence – Security Informatics

The FOSINT-SI (International Symposium on the Foundations of Open Source Intelligence – Security Informatics) here at ASONAM 2015 is a great success. With papers about such subject like cyber deception, identifying digital threats, situational awareness, real-time monitoring of Twitter traffic, and IS (ISIL, ISIS) Social Media Strategy, science really proves some promise in the security and OSINT field, although still far from practical use.

The real challenge for FOSINT and ASONAM is to effectively commercialise the results of scientific research in the field, instead of ‘just’ papers and theses. Law enforcement and intelligence have the data but no solution, science has the solutions but not real data. Needed is a third party to create an interface on top of the science to create a bridge to practical use. Needed is a hand shake between science and the end users.